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Customer reviews are quite a new thing here at Flashback Games. Below are items that have already been sold and our customers have been kind enough to share their thoughts on the item and service or just have a bit of a ramble on about the good old days (twas all fields around here...).

Customer Comment Area

  Doom - PAL - ID - Sega
    Category: Sega > Sega 32X Games
    Date Reviewed: 09/02/2012


  Congo Bongo - US Gold
    Category: Commodore > C64 Tape Games
    Date Reviewed: 01/08/2012


  Acorn Electron Computer - Unboxed
    Category: Acorn > Acorn Computers
    Date Reviewed: 29/02/2012


  Sinclair Spectrum 48K With AV Mod - Boxed
    Category: Sinclair > Sinclair Computers
    Date Reviewed: 05/10/2012


  Elite - AcornSoft
    Category: Acorn > BBC Games
    Date Reviewed: 15/05/2011


  Truxton and Sonic
    Category: Sega > Mega Drive Games
    Date Reviewed: 20/11/2010


  Retro Gamer Issue 24
    Category: Magazines > Retro Gamer
    Date Reviewed: 06/12/2012


  Sega Master System Games collection
    Category: Sega > Master System Games
    Date Reviewed: 04/12/2012


  Sega Master System MKII 2 inc Sonic Unboxed
    Category: Sega > Sega Consoles
    Date Reviewed: 19/02/2012


  Nintendo Game Boy Original
    Category: Nintendo > Nintendo Consoles
    Date Reviewed: 05/10/2012


  Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128k Heatsink
    Category: Sinclair > Sinclair Computers
    Date Reviewed: 19/05/2012


  3DO Game Collection
    Category: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer > 3DO Games
    Date Reviewed: 06/11/2012


  Battle Stations Various Games - Ocean
    Category: Amstrad > CPC Games
    Date Reviewed: 28/05/2011


  Frogger - CGL Konami
    Category: Handheld LCD > Table Top
    Date Reviewed: 06/07/2012


  Amstrad CPC6128 Computer
    Category: Amstrad > Computers
    Date Reviewed: 28/03/2012


  Sony Playstation 2 PS2 Slim Console Boxed
    Category: Sony > Sony Consoles
    Date Reviewed: 17/08/2012


  Sega Game Gear - Boxed
    Category: Sega > Sega Consoles
    Date Reviewed: 13/06/2012


  Sega 32X Console Boxed
    Category: Sega > Sega Consoles
    Date Reviewed: 07/01/2012


  Atari 2600 Jr Boxed
    Category: Atari > Atari Consoles
    Date Reviewed: 03/04/2012


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