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Retro Gaming Shop is Open!!!

Microsoft entered the console race back in 2001 when they released the original Xbox. Whilst not as successful as Sony's PS2, it was a solid start and they followed up in 2005 with the Xbox 360 which is still going strong and has a massive user base in both Europe and the US (Japan not so much!)
Rumour is we may be seeing their next console sometime this year...

Retro Games Shop:

 Crystal Green (Halo) Xbox XBMC CoinOps 5 lite 160gb HDD
    Category: Microsoft > Xbox With XBMC


 Original Xbox with XBMC CoinOps 5 lite 8gb HDD
    Category: Microsoft > Xbox With XBMC


 Xbox Boxed XBMC CoinOps 7 80gb HDD
    Category: Microsoft > Xbox With XBMC


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