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Customer reviews are quite a new thing here at Flashback Games. Below are items that have already been sold and our customers have been kind enough to share their thoughts on the item and service or just have a bit of a ramble on about the good old days (twas all fields around here...).

Customer Comment Area

 Atari VCS Woody (2600) Boxed
  Category: Atari > Atari Consoles
Atari VCS come in a nice undamaged and in a good clean condition. 

Box has seen better days.

Comes complete with:
1 pad

 Customer Review

Dear Team,

I received the console and it was exactly as described so that was a good s. However, after buying some games and another joystick separately, it became apparent that the "game select" switch does not work. These means I am unfortuntely not able to play some games at all and the ones I can play can only be one player. I suppose this is to be expected for an old console, but if this fault was in the description I would not have spent all this money on it.

Thank you,
Calvin Whear

Response from Flashback.

Hi, firstly thanks for shopping with Flashback Games. I just read the comment you left above. I am really sorry to hear you are having a issue the your atari. I wish you had mentioned earlier you were having a problem.

I can assure that the console was checked before posting, but this has either happened whilst in transit or we accidentally missed the problem, but we do give all items on the way out a good testing.

If you would like me to organise a courier to collect the item for repair, replacement or refund please get in touch.

Kind regards

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