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Sony has had a major part to play in many areas of electronic and digital standards. Most gamers will know it for the Playstation and PSP series of video games consoles, but this giant of a console was not Sony's first foray into the murky world of gaming. The MSX Hit Bit series of computers were mostly used as gaming machines (Solid Snakes first outing was MSX), though not very popular in the US or UK, in some European and South American countries the MSX was a Smash.

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 Sony PSP Pink - Custom Firmware Hundreds of Snes Megadrive Pc engine games    
  Category: Sony > Sony Consoles
  Seller: Flashback Games
Sony PSP Black Console 1003.

This has the added bonus of having hundreds of games pre installed on its  8gb SD card

SD Card comes with NES, SNES, Megadrive, PC engine, Amiga, GBA, Master System  emulator with hundreds of games for each and a couple of playstation games too.

Comes with power supply and 8gb memory card  

Updated Firmware 6.61


Price: £59.99

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