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Thank God for Sir Clive Sinclair. His little machines bring joy to the heart of all those that had one as a youth. Here you will find Sinclair ZX Spectrums, Sinclair ZX80/81's, Sinclair QL's  and Z88's + any associated games and hardware for sale. 

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 Sinclair Calculator Scientific and Programmable - Boxed    
  Category: Sinclair > Sinclair Computers
  Seller: Flashback Games
This is the Sinclair Scientific Programmable Calculator and comes in it original box. 

Here is what wiki say about this 1970's marvel:

The Sinclair Scientific first appeared in a case derived from that of the Sinclair Cambridge, but it was not part of the same range. At the time it was launched, in April, 1974, it was a highly unusual calculator. It displays only in scientific notation - 5 digit mantissa, 2 digit exponent. Because of the way its processor (a custom chip from Texas Instruments) is designed, it relies on reverse Polish notation (RPN). This unusual method of mathematical problem solving meant that, for instance, to add 2 and 4, one had to enter 2, then 4, then the + symbol. There was no = key. 

The Scientific Programmable was an advanced version launched in 1977, again using reverse Polish notation. It could handle programs of up to 24 steps and cost 29.95. It used four AAA batteries.

The Scientific Programmable Mark 2 was powered either by a 9V battery or a mains adaptor. It came with twelve sample programs, with another 294 contained in an additional four-volume library which could be bought for 4.95. Each volume was dedicated to a different application: finance and statistics, mathematics, physics and engineering, and electronics. It also used RPN.

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