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The Commodore C64 was, and is still, the biggest selling computer model ever made. Massively popular all over the world due to having an absolutely massive library of games and software. Many other models were released in the 8bit era, the C16/Plus 4, C128 and previously the Vic20. Later in the decade the Amiga was king, but commodore could not get back into the console market after the failings of both the C64GS and the amiga CD32.

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 The Expert Cartridge - Trilogic    
  Category: Commodore > C64 Cartridge Games
  Seller: Flashback Games
Epyx Fast Load Cartridge.

The Expert was manufactured by the company Trilogic. It is a freezer cartridge, with built-in machine code monitor, but no disk turbos or other basic wedges. A unique feature of the Expert is that the software is stored in RAM, which enables simple and cheap upgrades, but also requires the cartridge to be programmed from disk before it can be used.

This unit has not been tested hence its low price.

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