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With the huge success of their first computer, the mighty Atom (launched in 1980), this first foray into cutting edge tech was Chris Curry's learning ground on what was to be one of Britain's biggest home micro companies Acorn Computers. In 1982 the BBC Micro was launched as part of the BBC computer literacy programme, closely followed by the Acorn Electron in 1983 and later the BBC Master (1986) and the Archimedes (1987). Now almost everyone has a tiny part of Acorn in there pocket as the ARM risc processor is in nearly all mobile phones.

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 Repton Infinity On Disk - Superior Software - Now £ 3.00 Off Original Price    
  Category: Acorn > BBC Games
  Seller: Flashback Games
Repton Infinity On Disk for the Acorn BBC B Computer. Comes in good condition with instructions.

Price Was: £14.99
Price Now: £11.99

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