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The PC Engine was a pint sized console by NEC released in japan that challenged the Mega Drive despite only being 8-bit. Famous for it's huge selection of great arcade conversions and also the first console to boast a CD-ROM add-on, it was also released in the US as the Turbografx-16. The console sadly never saw release in Europe.

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NEC PC Engine

 PC-Engine XHE-3 MSX Controller Adapter Boxed - Micomsoft    
  Category: NEC PC Engine > PC Engine accessories
  Seller: Classic Gamer UK
PC-Engine XHE-3 MSX Controller Adapter by Micomsoft, this adaptor allows you to use MSX joysticks and joypads with the PC-Engine. This adaptor works with the Micomsoft XE-1PRO, XE-1ST2, and XE-1AP, also any standard MSX controller can be used. Apparently also works with megadrive controllers, however the B button is not mapped and will not function. Boxed and in good condition

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