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Retro Gaming Shop is Open!!!

Thank God for Sir Clive Sinclair. His little machines bring joy to the heart of all those that had one as a youth. Here you will find Sinclair ZX Spectrums, Sinclair ZX80/81's, Sinclair QL's  and Z88's + any associated games and hardware for sale. 

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 Opus Discovery One Disk Drive Sinclair ZX Spectrum boxed    
  Category: Sinclair > Accessories
  Seller: Flashback Games
This is a wonderful interface that allows up to 2 disk drives to be connected to a Sinclair Spectrum (16k, 48k, 128k and 128 +2 only. +2a/b and +3 don't work).  The joystck port has been moved to the front. Unfortunately the Video out port is damaged, but this does not effect the drives function.

This one is in great condition and comes with its original box.

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