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The Commodore C64 was, and is still, the biggest selling computer model ever made. Massively popular all over the world due to having an absolutely massive library of games and software. Many other models were released in the 8bit era, the C16/Plus 4, C128 and previously the Vic20. Later in the decade the Amiga was king, but commodore could not get back into the console market after the failings of both the C64GS and the amiga CD32.

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 Commodore Vic 20 Computer - unboxed    
  Category: Commodore > Commodore Computers
  Seller: Flashback Games
The Vic 20 is one of Commodores first Home Computers and was the first computer to sell 1 million. This unit does have sun bleaching (yellowing)

Comes with a modified power supply port. I have done away with the original 2 prong port and power supply and swapped it out with a modern and safer 30w one.

Comes with:
TV Modulator

This is a PAL Computer.

Price: £64.99

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