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The Commodore C64 was, and is still, the biggest selling computer model ever made. Massively popular all over the world due to having an absolutely massive library of games and software. Many other models were released in the 8bit era, the C16/Plus 4, C128 and previously the Vic20. Later in the decade the Amiga was king, but commodore could not get back into the console market after the failings of both the C64GS and the amiga CD32.

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 Commodore 1570 Disk Drive - PAL    
  Category: Commodore > Commodore Computers
  Seller: Flashback Games
The Commodore 1570 Disk Drive for Commodore is a 5" single sided floppy drive for the Commodore C64 and C128.

From those nice guys in wiki-land...

The Commodore 1570 was a 5" floppy disk drive for the Commodore 128 home/personal computer. It was a single-sided, 170KB version of the double-sided Commodore 1571, released as a stopgap measure when Commodore International was unable to provide large enough quantities of 1571s due to a shortage of double-sided drive mechanisms. Like the 1571, it could read and write both GCR and MFM disk formats. The 1570 utilized a 1571 logic board in a cream-colored Commodore 1541 case with a drive mechanism similar to the 1541 except that it was equipped with track zero detection. Like the 1571, its built-in DOS provided a data burst mode for transferring data to the C128 computer at a faster speed than a 1541. Its ROM also contained some DOS bug fixes that didn't appear in the 1571 until much later. The 1570 could read and write all single-sided CP/M format disks that the 1571 could access.

Although the 1570 was compatible with the Commodore 64, the C64 wasn't capable of taking advantage of the drive's higher-speed operation, and when used with the C64 it was little more than a pricier 1541. Also, many early buyers of the C128 chose to temporarily make do with a 1541 drive, perhaps owned as part of a previous C64 setup, until the 1571 became more widely available.

This unit is in perfect working order, although the outer cover has seen better days.

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