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Atari's Pong is arguably the daddy that started all of this funny video game business (though don't tell Magnavox they get a bit grumpy about it) and until their sad demise continually pushed the envelope of what could be achieved for a home system. Atari reached a home audience with very powerful and affordable hardware from the 2600 console and the 400/800 range of home micros to the Atari Jaguar console and the Atari St/Falcon range of PC's, Atari have always been way ahead of the curve. 
P.s. You have not lived until you have played Tempest 2000 on the Jaguar!!!!

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 Atari 520 STe (ST E) Boxed    
  Category: Atari > Atari Consoles
  Seller: Flashback Games
I love most atari consoles, but I never really had a chance to spend much time with the 8-bit computers that they released, only a brief few hours with the amazing and hypnotic Electra Glide. This all changed with the  release of the 16-bit Atari ST. I never had one myself when they first appeared, but a close friend of mine did and we spent many wet weekends monkeying around on it in his loft. 

Anyhow, I digress (jumpers for goal posts and all that).  

This one is the lesser spotted STE version that has several improvements  over the standard ST and STfm versions (like a bigger colour palette and improved OS) and comes boxed and is a fine example.

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