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   Here are some of my favourite retro gaming sites...

One of my most favourite Retro Gaming web site. It has a great news and a very friendly forum.

I have featured Oliver Frey several times on the site before. Along with the many magazine that he was involved with, Oliver Frey influenced a fledgling industry plus his artwork is ACE. 

You can buy his original artwork here...

The website of the magazine. One of the best sites around with a very friendly forum.

Another great retro gaming site which has great news updates and a great selection of videos.

If you need to find out about anything Sinclair related then this is the place to visit. Almost anything Spectrum related will be hosted here; games, magazines, hardware tech manuals, pretty much anything you can imagine (except all the Ultimate PTG roms)

Replay Events Ltd is a unique, UK-based company specialising in the organisation of video gaming eventsand the supply of games consoles, computers and related equipment. The Replay Events team are responsible for staging the UK's biggest retro gaming shows and have also provided equipment and technical expertise to a number of other successful video game exhibitions.

Arcade4Life is a great blog site. With collections of original arcade boards complete with original artwork and a heavy emphasis on the Japanese releases, it has some brilliant images documenting their finds.

A great resource for everything ZZAP!64 related.



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