Video Gaming 1979 - 1989 Exhibition at Oldham Gallery
22/08/2014 18:15:33 GMT
Written by Carl Varley

Revolution in the Bedroom - War in the Playground

Is the title to the rather amazing exhibition that has just started in the Oldham Gallery in Oldham (un-surprisingly), Greater Manchester and features some of the most prolific artists and designers from the early british computer and video games era.

Oliver Frey, Rick Dickson and John Harris have some great examples of their work on display set in a well lit 8-bit environment complete with Commodores, Sinclair Spectrums and arcade machines from the mid eighties. Most of the works are original, although I did see a couple of really nice prints. 

Seminal works on display from Oliver Frey include the original painting of Crash Magazines issue one's The Chairman and issue twos Kong. Original design concept drawings for the ZX Spectrum and Clive Sinclair's last computer the portable Z88 by Rick Dickson. Also featured are some remarkable paintings featured in the original Sinclair advertising, product and literature designs.

Here is what the Oldham website has to say:

Explore the early years of the digital revolution, when gaming became accessible for the first time, and play historic games in the Gallery!

This exhibition is the first of its kind to explore the early years of video gaming. Affordable computers enabled a new generation of young bedroom programmers who contributed to the industry and the creation of a new art form.

Video gaming has only recently been recognised for its importance in the creative industries and as a genuinely new form of storytelling.

This is a touring exhibition from The National Centre for Craft & Design.

The exhibition runs until the 1st of November.

I suggest you plan a visit before it goes but if you cannot make it checkout the pictures above ^^^.

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